Flower Power Opening 2018- 28 May

The new Flower Power is here

Everbody who comes to Ibiza has something in common: A way of thinking that goes beyond politics, religion and money. When Ibiza pops up in your mind, we all draw a smile on our faces, our attitude becomes more positive and the desire of having fun increases. This Island has the ability to energize us, the Power of the Flowers!

The hippie movement (from “hipster”) was born in the late 1960s and early 70s as a symbolic action of protest against the USA government during the Vietnam war. The demonstrations were peaceful, people started to wear colorful clothes with different patterns and flowers in their long hairs. They loved music and they became creative when using drugs. Flower Power was one of the slogans based on the love and the peaceful way of solving conflicts. The main idea was turning the society into a safe place where all kind of living beings could live in harmony and be happy.

Even though Ibiza was already occupied by artists of all kind in this period, the following decade saw the real arrival of tourists when the discos opened. Pacha began in 1973 and the real hippy spirit was proclaimed at the genuine Flower Power party.
It is definitely the oldest celebration under The Cherries roof (more than 30 years old) and it is in our roots as well as it defines Ibiza. We are continuously evolving over time, so this season Flower Power by Pacha will be a must visit if you really want to feel the real and timeless Ibiza spirit!

Among the highlights, international DJs will be at the fore of a renewed Flower Party this 2018 and we want you to continue making history with us through peace and love!

Join the most authentic party on the Island at Pacha every Monday from Monday 28th to October 2nd.

Soon we will start with the new online presale season for the best Events, Clubs and Beach Clubs in the world # Ibiza2018 !!!

More info at http://www.pocketicket.com/

#calendariofiestasibiza 2018


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